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The Jersey cow has been recognized as the “Queen of Quality” by the dairy industry. Lady-Lane Farm is the only producer-distributor of All-Jersey milk in the state of Oregon. Jersey milk is notably higher in calcium, protein, and nonfat milk solids compared to conventional milk. These qualities enhance the product’s creamy texture and taste.

Jersey milk has over 18% more protein and 29% more milk fat then all other milks.

Jersey milk contains over 20% more calcium than other milks.

Jersey milk contains more Vitamins A, B1 and B2 than conventional milk.

Source: National All-Jersey Milk Marketing Series

All-Jersey® and Queen of Quality® trademarks are placed only on products made from 100% Jersey milk.

Minimally Processed

Garry’s Meadow Fresh Jersey Milk is vat pasteurized, insuring its original qualities like nutrition and flavor.
Pasteurization is the heating of milk to remove any harmful bacteria and make it safer to drink. Garry’s Meadow Fresh Products are vat pasteurized at 145 degrees Fahrenheit and held for 30 minutes. This is the mildest form of pasteurization so the milk does not have the “cooked” or “burnt” taste that you experience from milk that has been ultra high temperature pasteurized.

Our milk is non-homogenized. Our bodies prefer minimally-processed foods. Homogenization is an intensive mixing process used to prevent cream from separating from the liquid of the milk. By breaking apart the milkfat, the fat globules become smaller and denser. The smaller particles float freely throughout the milk and reduce the tendency to collect or rise.

Our milk is provided in glass bottles to be reused and reduce waste.
glass bottles can be reused almost immediately; it goes back to the farm and is washed, sanitized and refilled. This process is much faster than recycling plastic or carton containers. You have to wait for it to be collected, sorted and then shipped off to the recycling plants. Think of how much energy is used in recycling these glass alternatives.

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